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FNaF 3 - Fazbear's Fright (Chapter Five)
   Ethan and Kaianna retreated to the other side of the back carpark, where they both took a minute to compose themselves.
  “Jesus Christ,” Kaianna gasped. “That’s why he was so afraid of us touching him.”
  Ethan’s only reply was to double over and vomit on the grass on the other side of the cement borders that sectioned off the carpark.
  Kaianna looked back towards the exit. “What the hell are we gonna do now?”
  “I don’t care,” Ethan coughed. “I quit.”
  Kaianna turned back to him. “You can’t be serious.”
  “Are you kidding?! That bucket of bolts has a dead body inside it! How the hell are we gonna get it out?! They’re gonna have to shut this place down!” Ethan shouted.
  “OK, calm down,” Kaianna said. “I’ll just ring Blake and ask him what to do.”
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FNaF 3 - Fazbear's Fright (Chapter Four)
  It had been quiet since Ethan left. The attraction was lonely when there was no one around. Kaianna was in the office sorting through old papers, so Springtrap sat charging in the maintenance room. After a little while, she came back carrying a pile of yellowing pages and set them down on the table. Springtrap looked up hopefully, but she seemed distracted as she leafed through the pages, murmuring quietly to herself. Some fell on the floor, but she didn’t seem to notice them.
  In an effort to gain a task to perform, Springtrap stood up and began to walk towards her, but the charging cable stopped him short when it yanked him backwards. In frustration, he let out a low static-filled growl, pulled it out and marched over towards Kaianna.
  “Hmm … interesting,” she whispered to herself as she scanned a newspaper article. “Hey, Spring, are you finished charging yet?”
  She turned around to find the animatronic
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FNaF 3 - Fazbear's Fright (Chapter Three)
  ‘Spring Bonnie’ was around seven feet tall - not counting the ears - and towered over the attraction workers, which unnerved Ethan to a point of sheer terror. To be honest, he wasn’t sure why he was so afraid of an old robot, but there was something about the rabbit that sent chills down his spine. The way it seemed to follow him with its gaze was terribly human-like. Kaianna assured him that it was just scanning and getting to know him, but Ethan wasn’t so sure. By 11pm that night, Kaianna had successfully restored movement to most of its joints, but seemed apprehensive to touch the jaw.
  “What’s wrong?” Ethan asked as she hovered over the metal hinges.
  “I don’t know … there’s weird stains on here,” she frowned. “I think I might just leave the jaw for today. I don’t want him to bite me.”
  Ethan laughed. “Bite you?”
  Kaianna bega
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FNaF 3 - Fazbear's Fright (Chapter Two)
  Ethan’s first night went by rather quickly, and it was uneventful to match. The pre-recorded voice message Blake had left for him went for a good four hours, and Ethan found himself filling in the time by playing games on his phone as he let it play in the background. When the clock chimed 6:00am, he promptly got up and made his way out of the attraction. While doing so, however, he ran into Kaianna coming into work in the parking lot. She was out of uniform (except for the Fazbear’s Fright cap perched sideways on her head), wearing a baggy sweater and a black undershirt with skinny jeans to match.
  “Hey Ethan, how was your first night?” she asked as she adjusted her shoulder bag strap.
  “Boring, actually,” the boy replied. “Nothing really happens here at night.”
  Kaianna frowned. “Really? What a shame, I always thought this attraction was spooky at night. Anyways, that boredom of yours c
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FNaF 3 - Fazbear's Fright (Chapter One)
Chapter One
  Ethan clutched the newspaper clipping in his hands, scanning the words over again. Fazbear’s Fright. This was definitely the right place.
  He got out of his car, tucked the clipping into his pocket and made his way across the parking lot, looking around the area as he walked. It was quiet around here, but it wasn’t completely dead. Some people were starting to make their way back to their cars after a day at the amusement park, but other than that all the rides were no longer going.
  It was just on dusk and the sun was almost gone. He had already spoken to his possible future boss, Blake, over the phone earlier in the week and he had asked Ethan to come to the attraction for a job interview. He hadn’t really bothered to ask why the interview was scheduled so late in the day, but Ethan supposed Blake had been really busy setting up the attraction during the earlier hours.
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FNaF 3 - Fazbear's Fright (Prologue)
  There was no sound. The silence seemed to roar around the room, as always. Dust motes floated through the air and settled upon the grime encrusted floor. A shaft of moonlight pushed through the cracks of a small boarded up window near the ceiling.
  How long had he sat there? How long had he been trapped? He had lost track of time after a while. The position of the sunlight had always let him know the hour, but now he had stopped caring. There was no hope for him anymore. No one was coming. Everyone had left, and he was alone forever.
  He wished it would be over. Every day, every hour, every minute crawled by painfully slowly. Even if his power bank was low, he could still feel himself ageing. He wanted to shut down forever, to forget everything that had happened to him. He wanted it to end, but it wouldn’t.
  A sound from beyond the room triggered his awakening; the screech of brakes signalled the arrival of a car in the park
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:bulletpurple: Fazbear's Fright Chapter Five
:bulletpurple: Notes on Fazbear's Fright

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Thanks to all the people who have made me cool stuff! If you want to be featured here, draw me something and tag me! I'd love to see your art! :D I track the tags #chellalookhere and #universeofchella

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I want to commission some good artists on here so all my points would either go to them to pay for commissions or to myself to upgrade to core membership. If you like my work, please donate.

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Today (20 June) marks 8 years since Marble Hornets started and 3 years since it finished. Happy Hornetversary everyone! (PS. expect a little writing for the event soon ;) )
Most assignments have been handed in. Fazbear's Fright is officially back in (slow) production!
Working on assignments right now, Fazbear's Fright is on the back burner until I can get some free time. Expect a new chapter soon, but not as soon as I would like.
OK I promise I'm working on Fazbear's Fright guys, I just found my Marble Hornets fic that's currently on hiatus and now I've been suCKED BACK IN-


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Hi there! My name is Chelsea and I'm just looking to improve my art skills pretty much.

My icon is by 90rillaz on tumblr.

Old account: :iconmaddy-the-proxy: (please don't go there I beg you)

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My FNaF tumblr is @shad0bonnie

:bulletred: My Instagram, Snapchat and Skype are private. Don't ask for them.

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She has style by popinat Chibi Milo ( Pixel Art ). by Xlanka
Hopefully, at the end of this year, I will be getting a new laptop for university. I'm hoping to get a Microsoft Surface Book so I can use it for digital drawing. When I believe I am good enough at digital art, I will open up point commissions.

However, please keep in mind that commissions will be not be open for at least another year - give or take. I want to earn points, so this should be a good way to do so.


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